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Smarter and quieter than ever before, Flexgun PRO is the ultimate tool for recovery and pain relief. Find relief from ailments, aches, and pains with a scientifically proven deep muscle treatment that lasts longer than any of its competitors. Flexgun PRO has been fully redesigned with a digital display and built-in routines. A new generation brushless motor that’s quieter than any other device of this quality — you get all of the power now with variable speeds
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  1. Charging: Before first use, charge Flexgun PRO using the provided USB cable until the battery indicator displays a full charge.
  2. Preparation: Ensure you are in a comfortable seated or lying position. Identify the muscle area you wish to target.
  3. Powering On: Turn on the Flexgun PRO using the designated power button. The digital display should light up, indicating the device is ready.
  4. Selecting Speed: Navigate through the variable speeds using the '+' and '-' buttons on the device. Begin at lower speeds and adjust as needed.
  5. Application: Gently apply the Flexgun PRO to the desired muscle area, moving the device slowly across the muscle, allowing it to deeply penetrate and alleviate pain.
  6. Duration: It's recommended to use the Flexgun PRO on a muscle area for 1-2 minutes, but not more than 15 minutes for the entire session.
  7. Post-Session Care: Turn off the device after use. Store it in the provided protective carrying case. Clean the device occasionally using a soft cloth.
  8. Safety: Avoid using the Flexgun PRO on bone, joints, or sensitive areas. If unsure or if experiencing increased pain, consult a healthcare professional.
  • Dimensions: (Estimate, e.g., 25cm x 6cm x 6cm)
  • Weight: (Estimate, e.g., 1kg)
  • Motor: Next-Generation Brushless Motor
  • Battery: Rechargeable Lithium-ion (Usage time: up to 5 hours on a single charge)
  • Charging Time: Approx. 2-3 hours
  • Speed Settings: Variable speeds
  • Display: Digital LED Display with Built-in Routines
  • Noise Level: Quieter than typical devices in its class
  • Material: Durable ABS plastic with a matte finish

Included in the Box:

  • Flexgun PRO Device
  • Charging Cable (USB Type-C)
  • User Manual & Usage Guidelines
  • Protective Carrying Case
  • Warranty & Registration Card

Flexgun PRO: Ultimate Recovery Tool, Quieter Brushless Motor, Digital Display, Long-Lasting Muscle Relief

Scientifically Proven Muscle Relief

Experience unmatched comfort with Flexgun PRO's deep muscle treatment, offering longer-lasting relief than its competitors, ideal for persistent aches and ailments.

Innovative Digital Display & Routines

The redesigned Flexgun PRO now showcases a digital display and pre-programmed routines, streamlining your recovery journey with intuitive usability.

Next-Gen Quiet Brushless Motor

Elevate your recovery experience with our state-of-the-art brushless motor, delivering powerful treatment at variable speeds but quieter than any other device in its class.

Strength in every recovery
Unlock your potential
Your comeback ; our commitment
Strength in every recovery
Unlock your potential
Your comeback ; our commitment
Strength in every recovery
Unlock your potential
Your comeback ; our commitment